Green Power

Our goal has been to Off Grid green power to our communities. With a new partnership with Pendulum Power Partners we can deploy the latest in Fuel Cell and renewable energy technology.

Up until now, most green/clean energy is too expensive, not effective, requires large storage capacity (batteries, which are expensive and unreliable), and can’t satisfy energy needs at peak demand. Currently the renewable energy sector only produces around 15% of the power in the United States, and around 24% in the world, and of that 15%, wind energy is only about 6.5%.

New, innovative, and extremely efficient technology

Our new wind turbine using the Bernoulli principle of lift, the vertical scoops create huge amounts of torque and electrical power, like an airplane wing. It is Environmentally friendly due to its low height and small footprint, highly efficient, virtually silent in operation, designed to withstand hurricane force winds and starts producing power in as low as 3.8 mph wind. combined with Tier 1 Solar arrays and the latest in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology we can provide less expensive green power to our residents.

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