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These buildings were built by robots

Residential Housing

Flexibility in manufacturing allows unique architectural features to be built into your project.

Podium Buildings

We can deploy our module on any concreate or structural steel podium used to create parking our commercial space in buildings

Commercial Buildings

Our products can be used to create office and other commercial buildings

Townhomes and Hotels

With our current plant expansion plans we expect to have factories in Colorado, Nevada and Texas as soon as possible. This will allow us to serve 7 states including Arizona, California, Colorado and beyond.

Mosaic Housing

Mosaic Housing, based in Colorado, is a producer of large modular construction projects and modular multi-family housing.

We apply Computer Aided Manufacturing, robotics and other modern production methods to modular construction. We can provide design, engineering, construction capability and experience for our clients.

Our team is made up of construction and manufacturing professionals to offering the services you need to bring your project to completion. From full design and engineering services to a range of services based on your requirements we can bring you a high-quality project.

We can shorten build schedules and reduce costs while simultaneously building the modules while site work is being completed, reducing waste and theft of materials on site.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in becoming more profitable and build more with less.

Our Factory

Our new state of the art production facility is located on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains with easy access…

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Our products

We specialize in multi-family and commercial projects. We can easily produce medical, hotel and other buildings of…

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Our Markets

We focus on the commercial, mutli-family and hospitality markets. Our team and our factory are built around these…

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